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Producing video content in-house isn’t the most cost effective solution. Use our skilled specialists to save money, communicate effectively and grow your business. 


We work with clients in multiple ways depending on the goals, objectives and existing branding of the business. By using a wide variety of techniques we are able to continuously create unique content that delivers incredible value. 


Animation and Motion Design

This is the process of creating something from nothing. Animation is a technique encapsulated by the practice of Motion Design. This technique is an incredibly powerful way of communicate complex information which is hard to visualise using real-world imagery. The best about Motion Design, the possibilities are endless. See our work for more inspiration. In this example Elemental Independent Energy supplied us with a creative brief and we were responsible for conceptualising and editing the video. 

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Stock Content

Stock content plays an important role in modern day video marketing. The need for so much content often makes it cost inefficient to hire a film crew to fill a 10-second gap in a video. Stock content provides a low-cost way to visually represent your business and works best when combined with other motion design techniques. Motion The Agency have access to largest range of premium stock assets in the industry and have commercial licensing agreements to ensure your content is fit for purpose. In this example Raw One supplied us with their existing logo and we were responsible for conceptualising and editing the video. 


Existing Digital Assets

Do you have existing photos or graphic design content? We can reuse these in order for you to benefit from the increased engagement of video. Our skilled motion designers can use your existing assets and combine this with impactful messaging to create video content that will help you stand-out and get results. In this example the photos were supplied to us by P&H Electrical Solutions and we were responsible for conceptualising and editing the video. 

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Existing Videography

We love to work with existing video content. We believe in order for video to be truly maximised, that video footage needs video animation. Video animation can be used to highlight key features, add valuable information and ensure viewers gain the most from the experience. In this example the video footage was sent to use by Platinum University and we were responsible for conceptualising and editing the video. 

Remote Video Editing


As well as save you money, our aim is save you the time and take the stress out of editing video. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your brand and to deliver exceptional content that’s ready to use. 

Tell Us Your Goals


Video content can be used to educate, generate awareness, and increase sales. As part of working together we will first establish a clear and defined strategy for using video in order for you to see the best results.

We Create Your Content


We can use existing assets, stock footage, kinetic typography, animated illustrations and more. A combination of all or some of these techniques is the most powerful way to communicate your message. 

We Supply Your Video


Taking the stress out of video content production is incredibly important us. We appreciate you want content that’s ready to use. We can host your content on Google Drive or transfer to a location of your choice. 

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It’s important to know your content is being produced by professionals with years of experience. You can view a full list of our skills below. 

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