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Use our specialist motion designers to create video content and save up to £32,000 per year when compared to hiring internally.

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Our team are highly skilled and specialised in graphic design, motion design and video editing. We can be as pro-active or reactive as you wish. Want to send the content schedule for the month and mark which pieces you want us to create… no problem. Want to send over your ideas as they come to you and for us to have input on the message? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Your content needs to look great. But more importantly, it needs to stand out, it needs to grab attention and it needs to deliver results. We work with multiple high-performance marketing agencies allowing us to get an insight on buyer behavior and consumer trends, meaning our videos don’t just look great, they help your business grow. 

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There are a ton of variables that go into video production often leaving buyers overwhelmed. Our vision is simple, we want to deliver high-value video content at an affordable flat-rate cost. This allows you to plan effectively and forecast efficiently.


It’s important to establish the visual identity of your video content. The best way to do this is by using references to existing work and creating a sample so that you can envisage how your content will look.


By getting feedback on your sample content we can ensure that we are a good fit for each other. This process enables us to maximise future results and increases the efficiency of your editing process.


We aim to offer more than value than any other video editing service provider. We often quote you per minute of edited footage allowing you to effectively forecast any future work with us.


FRequently Asked Questions

Working with a new company is daunting, right. Especially when you’re outsourcing something as important as video content creation. We want to make sure you feel confident our service is right for you, so we’ve looked to address common questions below. If you have any more specific questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team.

Yes. We pride ourselves on our ability understand your business, your content strategy and messaging. We will establish clear areas of focus on placement and messaging at the start but hereafter we are able to operate pro-actively and deliver stand-out video content to you regularly. 

We won’t charge you for the duration of the video. We will charge you for the duration of the animation we add to your video. If you send a 3 minute video clip to us and we create and add a 15 second introduction, you will only be charged for 15 seconds (1/4 minute) of animation. 

Of course. This is a very common way in which we work with clients. Often we will be supplied with a content calendar for which we will supply the video content. We are also happy to help you plan content during strategy calls.  

Yes. We can create and provide reusable assets to you that can then be used by other video editors or in-house staff for quicker and more efficient editing. 

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We can help create and plan your video content strategy or we work to specific requirements.

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