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Use our specialist motion graphics agency and access highly skilled motion designers giving you access to modern, fast-turnaround, awesome video content. You can save up to £37,000 per year compared to hiring internally.


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Motion Design Team

Our team specialises in communicating your message using illustration, animation, motion graphics, and 3D renders with software like Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and Cinema 4D. 

Whether you need a new logo animation or assistance with a multi-channel video campaign, our expert motion graphics agency are ready to support your business, marketing department or marketing agency. 

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Your content needs to look great. But more importantly, it needs to stand out, it needs to grab attention and it needs to deliver results. Yes, we’re a motion graphics agency that can quickly turnaround high-performance videos, but we also help you communicate complex ideas. What we’re trying to say is ‘we’re more than just designers’. You can rely on us to understand your business, input on creative direction and pro-actively makes suggestions to ensure your video content has maximum effect and gets you noticed!

In other words, your videos won’t just look great, they will help your business get results. See below for examples of companies like yours use motion design.

UI Animation

Used by UX/UI and web designers to improve customer experience. UI animations are a personalised way to bring your digital product to life.

2D Animations

2D animation videos come in many forms and are ideal for all kinds of digital advertising and social media. They're a fast and efficient way of standing out.

3D Animations

3D animations provide realistic depth that allows the viewer to see into spaces, notice the movement of light as well as communicate complex ideas.

Branded Motion Graphic

Perfect for videography or video footage. These graphics are perfect for intros, outros, and transitions allowing customers to instantly recognise your content.

Sizzle Reels

Ideal to showcase the unique features and benefits of your products, highlighting what sets them apart from the competition and building an emotional connection with potential customers.

Product Video

Product animation is perfect for bringing your product to life and can use a combination of 2D and 3D techniques. They can be used to educate, entertain and convert customers.


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An Entire Video Creative Team for Less than
One Employee

An Entire Video Creative Team
for Less than
One Employee


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We believe that the best way to see our work is to experience it for yourself. This way, you can see our work for yourself and decide if we’re a good fit for your needs.

Storyboard Planning


Once you’re happy with our sample, we’ll move on to the storyboard planning stage. This is where we’ll work with you to create a detailed plan for your video.

Final Video


Once the storyboard is approved, we’ll start producing the video. We’ll also work with you to make sure that the video is match with your expectation.

"We raised over $1 million in funding in just 4 weeks as a direct result of video content supplied to us by Motion The Agency."

Barry McGovern

Executive Chairman at Exoshock


Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you feel confident that our service is right for you. Here we’ve looked to address some commonly asked questions. If you have any more specific questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team.

Yes. We pride ourselves on our ability understand your business, your content strategy and messaging. We will establish clear areas of focus on placement and messaging at the start but hereafter we are able to operate pro-actively and deliver stand-out video content to you regularly.

We won’t charge you for the duration of the video. We will charge you for the duration of the animation we add to your video. If you send a 3 minute video clip to us and we create and add a 15 second introduction, you will only be charged for 15 seconds (1/4 minute) of animation.

Of course. This is a very common way in which we work with clients. Often we will be supplied with a content calendar for which we will supply the video content. We are also happy to help you plan content during strategy calls.

Yes. We can create and provide reusable assets to you that can then be used by other video editors or in-house staff for quicker and more efficient editing.

A motion graphics agency is dedicated to creating digital animation and design for its clients for different purposes. They are composed of creative professionals like animators, art directors, directors, editors, etc. They produce motion graphics projects for small businesses to large enterprises in various industries to level up their marketing strategies or support other creative visual projects like movies, television and video games.  As a creative business, motion graphics agencies can be an outside firm or an internal department of another company. 

Motion the Agency is an independent motion design agency with a growing portfolio of global brands. You can view the examples of motion graphics work we’ve created for our partners and clients.

Adding motion graphics to visual projects is a strategy to enhance brand storytelling or narratives. Motion graphics effectively communicate complex ideas in visual form. It uses visual art and technology to create moving graphic imagery known as animation. Animators are responsible for designing and creating motion graphics using a software tool called motion design software, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Motion graphics are shareable, help increase leads and conversion rates and improve engagement. Especially now that videos are driving internet traffic, it is estimated that the global motion graphics market will be valued at USD 129.1 billion by 2028. This is due to the increasing demand for social media content, particularly videos, to collect views and followers or attract and engage clients.

Hiring a full-service motion graphics agency can start between $2000 to $3500 for a 60-second motion graphics video and can go up to$4500. The factors that impact the cost of motion graphics video are video styles, the credibility of the agency, hourly/daily rates, run time and difficulty level of the motion graphics project.

We provide top-quality creative video content at pricing rates that are cost-effective.

Videos can become more engaging by choosing from a range of motion graphic types that is appropriate for the project. Here are the most common use cases for motion graphics: 


  1. Animated logos
  2. Infographics
  3. Explainer videos
  4. Animated illustrations
  5. Animated typography
  6. Animated titles
  7. Animated Ads
  8. Advanced VFX
  9. UI/UX animations
  10. GIF

Motion graphics is typically associated with 2D wherein the frames are traditionally hand-drawn. 2D animation provides an illusion of the movement of characters and objects in a two-dimensional space. In 3D, the graphics are created in a 3-dimensional environment (height, width, and depth). To create different angles, the characters and objects are manipulated in a 360-degree space.

Make your brand move today and hire 2d animators or hire 3d animators from our motion graphics agency.

Animation has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. It is an art form that focuses on storytelling and narrative to entertain or provoke a reaction from the audience. Motion graphics or motion design is under the animation umbrella. It stimulates animation and doesn’t necessarily need to tell a story but can be informative to sell a product or explain an idea.

Yes. As the most popular form of motion graphics, GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is an image file used for creating animated images. GIFs loop continuously without sound and are popular on social media.  It is easy to make and can be used to develop low-cost animation for brands.

Cinema 4D is a special effects software solution software for graphic design, 3D modelling, animation, motion graphics, VFX and game design. It can be integrated with other creative applications like Photoshop, After Effects and illustrator. Widely used by artists, architects and game designers in the creative industry, Cinema 4D can be applied in architectural visualisation, game development, visual effects and advertisements.

Video marketing will continue to dominate social media and other advertising platforms. Businesses across all industries that need to strengthen their brand presence with consumers will rely on this creative solution. Product videos are the most popular type of content for B2B companies.

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