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Promote your brand, connect with your audience, and boost interactivity with fresh-looking visuals and captivating 3D animation! 



3D Animation

There are many reasons to incorporate hiring 3D animators into your marketing strategy. 3D animations allow users to visualise your product, but it also makes it possible to create moving imagery with a relatively small investment when compared to live action video.

We use 3D software to create stand-out video content that can either replace or compliment your existing product videos.

“With 3D animated video, we’ve managed to launch a teaser and demo of our product without the need for any pre-existing video footage!"


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3D Animation Video?


Boost Sales & Interactivity

With 3D animations, you can start to do marketing even before the launch of your product or service.


Promotes Brand Individuality

Keep your audience engaged and make your brand more memorable with 3D videos that bring your product to life.


Stand Out from Competitors

3D Animation video sets you apart from the crowd. Create your own professional video to attract leads and close deals.


Shareable & Reusable Assets

3D assets can are modelled using software so once created there are endless possibilities to create stunning videos efficiently.


3d Animation Video Services?

Animated Explainer Video

Need help getting the word out about your products or services? 3D animated explainer videos can help you educate your customers in a fun and engaging way.

Product Demo

There are many ways to showcase your product from videos and images. But, nothing can present your product as vividly and smoothly as a 3D product animation.

Promotional Videos

Help your business stand out from the crowd with custom 3D promo videos. Present your company at its best & boost sales of your products!

Advertising Reels

Impress your audience by using stunning 3d animation videos that represent your brand, entertain your audience and drive conversions.

Crowdfunding Videos

Increase investor interest with a video that gets your message across. With our services, the true value of your business undertaking will be clear to investors.

Cartoon & Video Editing

Making animated videos doesn’t have to be a solitary process. Our professional video animation team brings your story to life in a friendly, collaborative environment.


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3D Animation Video



Our team will help you to visualise your project using images and references. Together we can plan how to use 3D animation to maximise user experience.


Asset Modelling

Before animation 3D objects need to be modelled. This will allow us to see an accurate representation of your 3D product.


Animation & Render

We bring the concept to life using animation and editing. This allows us to export video and for you to feedback on the progress.



This is where we add the final touches like music, sound FX and typography. We bring together all the elements of the project into one.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure you feel confident that our service is right for you. Here we’ve looked to address some commonly asked questions. If you have any more specific questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team.

3D animation is the manipulation of computer-generated objects to move through a three-dimensional environment. 3D animators are responsible for bringing weight and timing into the character or object that will feel realistic and fluid in the real world. Aside from CGI-based 3D animation, stop motion is an alternative technique that 3D animators can create. The team captures a physical object’s various poses, claymation or puppet, through photography and 3D animators will work on those assets to make the objects move in a three-dimensional space using 3D software. 

They require vast skills to design and manipulate 3d objects. They can offer to do both or specialise in a specific 3D animation task for more high-profile projects.

3D animation is expensive to produce because animators spend time capturing real-world functions and movements for 3D objects. They use high-powered resources and  3D design and animation software to create a 3D animation project.

Depending on the level of difficulty and assets required, a 1-minute 3D animation can take about 6-8 weeks, which will involve the following production process: storyboarding, design and illustration of the 3D models, animation, sound and music, rendering and revision.

A 3D animator’s fee depends on the type, complexity, duration, turnaround time and other production requirements. Clients must also consider the 3D animator’s experience, resources and where the artist is based. An independent 3D animator or a studio can charge a base price for basic design service and add extra fees for other production processes required to complete the project, especially if the animator is working on a pre-existing 3D model or developing a character or story from scratch. A 60-second 3D animated video costs between $10,000 – $20,000, while a high transition 3D animation video can range between $20,000 to $50,000 per minute.

Studios and animators offer end-to-end 3D animation services for explainer videos, product demo videos, promotional videos, advertising reels and cartoon or film editing.

3D animation is an artistic work that is used to enhance the communication and experience of a viewer in an immersive way. A 3D animation’s production process has three stages: 


  • The first stage is pre-production where the team is presented with a script and a storyboard. The animator’s job is to prepare the 3D assets or the object that is required in a scene. They can use pre-existing or ready-made assets or they can build it from scratch. The next process will be very technical where they need to add texture and colour to the models and add natural movements in the object through rigging.

  • The second stage is the production where the team starts to manipulate the 3D models in order to tell the story or narrative. This is where the animation, lights and visual effects (VFX) are created.

  • The final stage is post-production where the animation is almost complete. This is the stage where the team can add music and sound effects or make the character speak. The animators can review, revise and polish the scenes. The final step is called rendering where the animation is converted into a video format for release.

3D animation is no longer just for television and films. Small companies can take advantage of having 3D animation in their product demo videos to communicate their brand and business better. With 3D animation, you can 


  • Improve your brand image
  • Boost your credibility
  • Effectively and efficiently explain your products or services
  • Increase your social media reach especially with a new audience
  • Customise your content according to the type and specific group of audience


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