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We take a marketing-first approach to animated video content. We assess the use case for video content, establish all the opportunities and evaluate how your business can get the best results from motion graphic video.


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By establishing upfront how video can be used at different stages of the marketing funnel, we can efficiently plan content that can easily be repurposed and reused, driving down costs for our clients and enabling clients to measure the effectiveness of their video content. 


Animated Video at Different
Stages of The Buyers Journey

"We use Motion The Agency for recruitment content, video ads, and video content on our website as well as training videos for our customers. Video on our website has helped us improve our conversion rate by 63%"

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How We Repurpose Content for
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Vector-based motion design creates a smooth, dynamic, and eye-catching animation. It’s particularly good for storytelling and is a reliable strategy for creating educational or corporate communication. 

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Illustrations, photos, animations, and digital footage are combined to create a collage look and feel. This collection of visuals works well together to tell a dynamic story or convey information in a unique and engaging way.

One of the benefits of using this mixed media collage is you can reuse current company assets like photography or graphic design illustrations to create stand out video content.

Jazz Up Your Video and Make It Stand Out!

You may already have existing video footage? If not, we can often use stock video footage to enhance your message. Whatever we decide, motion graphics enhance videography, they can be used to animate and draw attention to objects, explain complex ideas and engage the viewer.


Using a combination of motion graphics and real-world footage can be an incredibly powerful way of achieving content that represents your business professionally and gets results.

Fast Turnaround and Achieve Maximum Result!

Text is a major component of Motion Design. Animated typography can capture attention and tell stories making information easy to digest. Because of its head-turning attributes and the ability to pair it with audio you will often find kinetic typography used in ads, music, title sequences, and TV Shows.


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Here at Motion The Agency, we make sure you get fast-turnaround, high-quality content, at an affordable rate.

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