UI Animation

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Motion for Emotion

UI animation guides users through an application or website by adding visual effects to UI elements and components. This helps users understand how product features can be interacted with and creates a more enjoyable user experience.


UI Animation

Loading & Progress

Loading animation is critical as an indicator that the system is working and progress animation shows user flow in one action.

State Change

Communicate your digital product and element state. For example, a button will remain dark colored & unclickable until the user completes a required form field.


A microinteraction we see every day is a mobile text or message notification. When you receive a text, a popup appears on your phone to alert you.


Used to communicate navigational hierarchy so users can understand the product or website’s structure–resulting in a more enjoyable user experience.


UI Animation

Easing Transition

Motion design comes in to help users understand the app flow between screens, making the navigation easier and more appealing.

For example is adding interesting animation during loading times. Animation help hold user’s focus while the device is downloading the necessary data.

Engaging Micro-Interaction

Micro-interaction starts with a trigger (user action) that causes a reaction, letting the user know what’s happening, making the navigation inside an app or a website easier.

Playful Branding

With the help of animation, we can set the tone of a brand’s identity – be it fun, playful, professional, etc. The role of animation is to be a personality booster.


Decorative animations aren’t a vital feature, but they make the whole look more appealing. With a funny animation or by using small interactions, we can create a positive experience for the user on a page that’s inherently negative.


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We mainly use After Effect and Lottie. After Effects is an industry standards for UI/UX animations, whilst Lottie provide a big libraries and plugins for various operating systems and software platforms. Lottie allows designers to deliver production animation to software developers. 

UI Animation is Important because it could be a major factor for your costumer’s decision making. It increases user involvement, perfect functionality, and creates a strong experience between your user and your website/app.

We offer 2 kinds of plans for your budget. Additionally, we offer a package deal for UI Animations. Visit our pricing page to learn more or contact us for more details.

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UI motion design, also known as UI animation, is the art of adding motion to user interface (UI) elements to create a more engaging and dynamic user experience. It involves using creative video services to design and implement animations that respond to user actions, creating a seamless and intuitive user experience.

UI animation can benefit your business by improving the usability of your website or application, making it more intuitive and enjoyable to use. By adding animations to UI elements, you can provide users with visual feedback, guiding them through the navigation process and improving their understanding of how to interact with your website or application.

Motion graphic animation is a type of animation that combines graphic design and audiovisual elements to create engaging and dynamic videos. It involves using creative video services to design and animate graphics, typography, and other visual elements to tell a story or convey information.

One of the biggest benefits of motion graphic animation in marketing campaigns is its ability to simplify complex concepts and ideas, making them more accessible to a wider audience. By using creative video services to design and animate graphics, motion graphic animation can help break down technical jargon and complicated information into visually appealing and digestible content.

This is particularly important in industries where technical language can be intimidating or overwhelming to potential customers. By breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible information, motion graphic animation can help your business communicate its value proposition more effectively, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Motion graphics and animation are two related but distinct techniques used in creative video services. Motion graphics refer to the use of graphic design elements, such as typography, shapes, and icons, to create animations that convey information or tell a story. In contrast, animation involves creating moving images or characters by hand-drawing or digitally manipulating individual frames.

Both motion graphics and animation can be used in UI animation to create dynamic and engaging user interfaces that enhance the user experience of your website or application. By using creative video services to design and animate graphics, you can create UI animations that provide visual feedback and guide users through the navigation process.

2D Animation and 3D Animation and motion graphics design play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience (UX) of your website or application. By utilizing our Motion Graphics Agency and the creative video services we provide to design UI animations you can create a visually engaging and interactive experience for your target audience. Learn more about our 2D Animation services here: 2D Animators For Hire and 3D Animation services here: 3D Animators For Hire.

UI animation can help guide users through the interface by providing visual cues, feedback, and instructions. For example, animations can be used to highlight important features or functions, such as buttons, menus, and forms. Animations can also provide visual feedback to users by indicating when a process is in progress or has been completed.


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